Can Nioxin Cure Thinning Hair in Women?

woman with thinning hair

Hair Loss in Women is More Common Than You Think!

If you are a woman suffering hair loss, you are not alone. Hair loss in women is an increasingly common problem. Various types of hair loss in women affect millions of us worldwide.

While it is common to think of hair loss as a man’s problem, hair loss in women actually accounts for more than 40% cases.

Some causes of hair loss in women can only be treated by a doctor. But many common causes of hair loss in women are in your control and can be corrected with lifestyle changes.

For most of us, there is a contradiction between what we know about our hair and how we actually treat our hair.

This contradiction is the cause of many cases of hair loss in women. We know that our hair is a part of our bodies, and that it needs the care and nutrition that any body part does.

However, many of us treat our hair more like an accessory than an actual part of our bodies. Since we don’t get physical sensations from our hair, we can abuse it without the immediate, negative feedback we get from other body parts.

Unfortunately, hair loss in women is the ultimate negative feedback that we need to correct something. If you’re experiencing hair loss, the cause is likely several combined factors, not a single culprit.

So while I will discuss the different causes of hair loss in women individually, several of them are probably affecting you and need to be addressed.

Hairstyling Torture

If prisoners were subject to all abuse we inflict on our hair daily, it would be a crime against humanity. When you think of all the pulling, twisting, scorching heat and chemical baths that we put our hair through, it’s actually a miracle that we have any left at all.

Mechanical stress and chemical imbalance from over-styling and excess product usage is perhaps the most correctable cause of hair loss in women. The key factor is trying to force our hair into colors or styles that do not suit its natural tendencies.

Harsh treatment and chemical exposure damages the hair follicles and the scalp itself leading to a lot of hair loss in women.

The correction here is finding a hairstyle that works well with your hair’s natural qualities so that you can limit the exposure to harsh temperatures and chemicals.

You should also be careful to choose hair care products that are designed to work together. The ingredients of different products may conflict and create a chemical imbalance that contributes to hair loss in women. Yo-Yo Dieting

I think it’s safe to say that we all know that yo-yo dieting is generally unhealthy, but did you know that sudden dramatic weight loss and weight gain is a leading cause of hair loss in women. Yo-yo dieting often involves starvation diets that deprive our bodies of the vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need to maintain health and vitality.

For many women, this vicious cycle causes severe damage to the scalp and hair. The answer is normal healthy diet without radical weight swings and severe restriction.

Excess vitamin A

You can have too much of a good thing. That is definitely the case with vitamin A, which is a surprising cause of hair loss in women.

Vitamin A is plentiful in many healthy foods from meats and cheeses to fruits and vegetables. Vitamin A is a key player in eye health, vision, and most importantly fighting infectious diseases. For this reason many vitamin manufacturers include a mega dose of vitamin A in their multi-vitamins.

If you are eating a healthy diet with sufficient vitamin A, taking additional vitamin A can easily lead to excess vitamin A and even vitamin A poisoning.

Overtime this leads to hair loss in women because vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin that get stored in our fat cells.

Consult with your doctor.

A simple test can measure your vitamin levels and let your know if your have any excess of vitamin A or deficiencies of any other nutrients. The good news is that nearly all cases of hair loss in women caused by vitamin A toxicity is naturally corrected when vitamin A levels are returned to normal.


Nearly half of all women experience hair loss 3-4 months after delivery. The hormonal spike that occurs during pregnancy prevents the normal cycle of hair shedding that happens to everyone all the time. In the normal hair cycle, individual hair follicles have a life cycle of growth, resting, and shedding.

At any moment we have hairs that are growing, and some that are resting, and some that are shedding to make room for new hair.

During pregnancy most women do not shed much hair because of elevated hormone levels. As those levels fade after delivery, hair loss in women occurs 40-50% of the time. Many women lose as much as 60% of their hair in a very short period of time, causing panic.

This hair loss is not abnormal.

It is simple the hair that would have naturally shed during the time frame of pregnancy but didn’t until after giving birth. It may take a few months but the new mother’s normal hair cycle will return.

Physical Trauma

When it rains, it pours. The stress inflicted on the body by acute physical trauma is another leading cause of hair loss in women. Car accidents are a chief cause of this type of physical trauma.

Imagine this sad but common scenario. You’re in an accident, and your car is severely damaged. To make matters worse you also experience some injuries. Then as icing on the cake the mental and physical stress combine to cause obvious hair loss!

It happens to hundreds of women everyday. If this happens to you, the best healer is rest and time.

Allow your body to heal and the hair will grow back eventually.

Nioxin Works!

Patience and ensuring your have a healthy diet are the cornerstones for restoring most cases of hair loss in women. If you want to do more, if you want speed your restoration time and ensure the healthiest head of hair possible, you should consider Nioxin.

The Nioxin line is one of the most popular and successful systems of hair restoration available. Nioxin makes no empty promises of over-night magic or false claims to be a miracle cure for hair loss in women. The Nioxin systems are based on more than 25 years of research on producing healthy hair and scalps.

Nioxin has helped tens of thousands of cases of hair loss in women, and have won numerous awards from Good Housekeeping, The Stylist Choice Awards, the Professional’s Choice Awards, and others. The fundamental goal of Nioxin is to create the healthiest, most nutrient-dense environment for you hair and scalp.

Nioxin does not load your hair with harsh chemicals.

It provides the right balance of nutrients so that your hair can return to it natural vibrancy and healthful beauty.

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