Are Nioxin Side Effects Dangerous???

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Let’s look at the common side effects of Nioxin’s products…

Nioxin is known to be a non-prescription, over the counter hair care product to counter the problem of thinning hair and scalp problems for both men and women. It has been a successful solution for people facing problems of reducing hair quality, however the Nioxin side effects can cause some users to be a bit skeptical.

The product is known to provide better quality hair that is not only thick, but also shiny and healthy.

For people who have had problems with their hair, the first sign that anyone notices is an unhealthy scalp.

This can include oiliness, dandruff or seborrhea.

The way Nioxin has been developed is by the strong belief that a healthy scalp will result in healthy hair. And it’s the scalp that is usually the problem, not necessarily the actual hair. You can read more on the nioxin reviews page.

Some common side effects of this product will be discussed here.

The way this product is meant to function thereby bringing the desired results to a person’s hair health is by inhibiting the hormone called as DHT or Dihydrotestesterone. This is the hormone responsible for causing male pattern baldness and if this hormone secretion is inhibited, it is sure to cause a reduction in hair loss.

Despite the favorable results it has been known to cause quite a few adverse effects on users.

Here are some of the most common side effects of Nioxin:

Various Nioxin Side Effects

Scalp Irritation: Nioxin contains an ingredient called CoZyme, which is known to also contain other herbal and chemical compounds that some people may potentially be allergic to. This has resulted in scalp irritation as well as flaking due to allergic reaction on the scalp. Some products have also been reported to contain laureth sulphate and sodium lauryl that are known to be very harsh compounds and can result in allergic reactions.

Redness of Scalp: Another very common side effect that has been noted due to the use of Nioxin is redness of scalp. One of the most important compounds in Nioxin is Vitamin B3 or Niacin. This is known to act as a dilator of the blood vessels on the scalp thereby stimulating circulation on the scalp. By increased blood circulation on the scalp, it might cause the scalp to become red due to the increased blood flow.

Although this redness is temporary, it might become very irritable for the person experiencing it. However, the redness is known to subside in a couple of hours and thus is temporary.

Hair Loss: Because this product is supposed to act as a scalp-cleansing agent, use of this shampoo can cause hair loss when you first start using it. This is because there are certain changes your scalp is experiencing that are not normally experienced.

This however, only happens for the first two weeks till the chemicals “settle in”. If you see that they persist beyond two weeks, you should alert your doctor and take his/her advice.

Apart from these effects, other issues that have been note, such as redness and swelling of the face, and allergic irritation. People have also noted the onset of hives due to allergic reaction of the product.

This again, as we have said earlier, is because of the fact that Nioxin contains herbal and plant derived products and other chemicals that people may potentially be allergic to.

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