Does Nioxin work?

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Nioxin is one of those drugs that have given some respite to people that are suffering from thinning hair or hair fall. A few decades ago it seemed that people went bald only once in a while or at max they attributed it to their genes. But these days’ hair problems are rampant and the numbers of drugs that claim to help with hair problems are rampant too. The markets are flooded with these drugs and you don’t know what to try. The salon guy, your friend or your doc all have different opinions on that. Let’s try to detangle all that then, starting with Nioxin. Keep reading to see how the drug works; what’s it made of, if there are any side effects and the like. Then probably you can make up your mind and decided for yourself.

An overview of Nioxin
Nioxin isn’t one product; it’s a whole range of products that targets specific hair problems. You can use Nioxin to arrest hair fall, to add more volume and thickness to hair, to get a healthier scalp and cleaner hair and the like. They help with both male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. These products don’t claim to help with hair regrowth though. Their claim is to give you healthier hair. But users of these products have shown signs of growing hair and improved hair texture.

The effectiveness of Nioxin is a rather subjective issue. It largely depends on what your current state is. If you are totally bald, then probably Nioxin will not be able to grow it all back. It can handle mild to moderate baldness and receding hairlines. There are stronger products that can specifically target your problems more strongly. So before you start with this drug, start with getting your expectations right.


How does Nioxin work?
This is the million dollar question. Nioxin ensures that your hair follicles receive their share of nutrients and oxygen from the blood stream. After the product is applied to your scalp, the blood circulation to the hair follicles is stimulated. People recommend that you apply Nioxin to your hair and mostly the affected area and then comb your hair from back to front. So just bend your head down and start combing from the nape of your neck to your forehead. That will aid blood circulation. In fact you can try this even now and see your hair fluff up when you turn your hair back. Combing hair in a direction other than the one in which they grow helps their growth anyway. It’s the oldest trick in the book.

Nioxin products are used at salons and parlors. So they have a whole range right from cleanser to shampoo to conditioners. You need to know what suits you better. The cleansers help your scalp attain the right pH balance that makes it conducive for hair to grow. The shampoo cleanses the hair of any dirt particles that may be blocking the hair follicles and irritating the scalp. Finally the conditioner gives your hair that look after look and feel and shine. It ensures that proteins and nutrients reach your hair from the outside. All of them have botanical ingredients and soothing properties. Probably that’s why Nioxin hasn’t been reported to showing any kind of side effects.

A very significant part of the Nioxin treatment is also the dietary supplements that go with it. What goes inside you always reflects on your hair and nails and skin. So if your hair is falling, or is your nail are brittle or if your skin is breaking out, something is wrong with what’s going into your body. So before you make any other changes in your lifestyle, pay special attention to the food and see what happens? More often than not when you target a problem from the root, the effects are rather quick!

What are the ingredients of Nioxin?
There are of course the usual solvents and solutions that go into making shampoos and conditioners. But the ingredients that make the difference to your hair are ginseng, honey, lemon, prune, silk amino acids, proteins and the like. All these provide the necessary nutrition to the hair follicles and help them become bigger and stronger. For long hair you need big hair follicles and Nioxin aids with that too.

Your hair has a life cycle. So after growing to its full length, it goes to its resting phase that is typically a six to eight month period. After this the hair falls out. And for your hair to grow top its full length it needs more and adequate nutrition. These ingredients help with the hair life cycle and prolong it without making the hair weaker. Stronger hair will not fall as easily.

After how long will Nioxin show effects?
This is where your expectations will come in. Nioxin will show different effects depending on existing condition of hair. If you are going to use it over a longer time then it will show more improvement than if you were to use it for a shorter period of time. These products need you to give them time to show difference. The average timeline for their usage is three to six months. But if you want to see some lasting difference, 12 months is more like it.

If your hair problems aren’t the hair fall variety and are more to do with texture and strength of hair, Nioxin will show results faster. Growing back hair obviously takes more time than improving the health of existing hair. That means you could see results in as little as 10 days! Yes, it’s that quick. And if you want to see hair regrowth, give it at least two months time, before you start seeing visible results.

In spite of all this info, there will be many more pamphlets and brochures out in the market that will confuse you no end. Therefore before you start with any of these drugs, get it cleared by your doctor. That’s the smarter thing to do! 

My name is Jackie Mikovich. I have worked many years in the hair loss product industry. Currently, I review hair loss sytems and drugs in order to educate the public. Please visit my profiles below for more information.


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