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Nioxin Reviews

You are probably here because of one of these three reasons:

  1. you are currently one of the 35 million men or 25 million women in the United States who are losing their hair, or
  2. you know an individual who is going through these issues, or
  3. you believe you will lose hair in the near future.

Unfortunately, a large portion of the people in the U.S. lose their hair due to genetic or non-genetic reasons and their are hundreds of hair loss prevention products out in the market today. We will not try to persuade you into buying anything but we will lay down the facts so you can make an informed decision.

Nioxin reviews

Nioxin System ONE Cleanser and Scalp Therapy Reviews

This system of cleanser and scalp therapy shampoo is best for people with normal to thin-looking hair. This system includes a shampoo and conditioner to be used together. The ingredients included peppermint thus making your hair feel invigorated with a nice scent.

Hair Type Normal to Thin
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Pros: Overall, this system is popular. The shampoo has a nice scent so it may be used on a daily basis. It strengthens your scalp in the long run to reduce hair loss. The price on is the lowest available at the moment. If purchased at a local store, the price will be double compared to Amazon.
Cons: Reviews state that Nioxin has obtained a new manufacturer for this item. This has had a drop in the quality, however, others have also said it is still an excellent product. Be sure to read the reviews to make sure it is the right system for you.

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Definition of Hair Loss

Before we begin about good hair loss prevention products, we need to define what hair loss actually means. According to Mayo Clinic, hair loss or otherwise known as alopecia can be hereditary or caused by medications. It can occur throughout your body or just in specific locations, e.g. your scalp. Regardless of age or gender, anyone can experience hair loss.

Natural methods to hair loss prevention

Research shows that there are various methods of stopping hair loss using natural methods as opposed to any sort of shampoo, or medicine. Most common methods include using:

  1. Onion juice – you can get this at your local grocery store
  2. Rosemary, sage or aloe vera ingredients – these ingredients can aid in hair growth
  3. Peppers – this food can be included in your food diet to aid in hair growth

These natural approaches, however, do not always work on every person and it is more or less a guess-and-check. Regardless, these are simple approaches that one can try before resorting to proven prevention tools such as shampoos.

Medicinal methods to hair loss prevention

In terms of medicinal methods, hair loss shampoos have been proven and reviewed by many individuals who have successfully stunted hair loss and started growing back hair. One such product is Nioxin hair loss shampoo available on Before you make a decision, make sure to read Nioxin reviews so you can get an understanding of other people’s experiences.

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